"We should look for someone to
eat and drink with before looking
for something to eat and drink"

Epicurus, Greek Philosopher 341 - 270 BC

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All of the best things in life take time. Time to create and time to enjoy.

Across the hills and mountains of Epirus in central Greece, this is a way of life. One that has helped us to create one of the best loved cheeses in the world.

For nearly 60 years DODONI has been working with farmers across the region to collect milk every day from the sheep and goats that graze on the fresh grass and wild herbs found in these lush pastures.

Life here honours the traditions that have been passed down through many generations. It's something you can taste in each of our cheeses. 

These unique and authentic flavours come from the highest-quality milk combined with the knowledge, passion and skill of our cheesemakers. Living across some 500 villages throughout the Epirus region, this humble hillside produces an incredible bounty.

Marrying tradition with the best in time-honoured cheese-craft has seen our Feta credited with PDO (Product of Designated Origin); and we have taken this same ethos and commitment to our cheese-making in Cyprus, producing Halloumi, with the same passion for taste, respect and tradition.

Taking the time to enjoy good food is part of the Greek identity. Commitment to using only the best ingredients means that DODONI is proud to be the leading Feta brand in Greece. Generations of Greek families have been brought up with our products. They know that our stamp on our cheese is our promise of the very best.

We hope you enjoy our cheeses as much as we do. We've taken our time. It's an honour.

Our Products

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DODONI Feta, the best-selling brand in Greece, brings the taste and quality of authentically produced Greek cheese to Australian homes along with Cypriot produced Halloumi. Available in a wide range of quality food stockists Australia-wide.